How To Keep Your Data Safe Online Using A VPN

How To Keep Your Data Safe Online Using A VPN

So, what is a VPN?

VPN, stands for Virtual Private Network, it is an encryption tool that allows you to have increased privacy online and prevent third parties from snooping through your private data.

As well as securing your internet connection and browser traffic, it allows you to choose where you want your server to be located, therefore allowing you to view censored or blocked websites that might be down to your geographical location.

A VPN, creates an encrypted bridge between your own computer and the VPN providers server. That bridge between you and them, takes out the vulnerable pathway that hackers would normally target.
What would normally be easily accessible data and information, suddenly looks like code to anyone trying to get access it.
The only thing a hacker would be able to possibly know, is that you are using the VPN service, but that is as far as it goes. So they would soon pack their bags and try their luck somewhere else, probably with someone who hasn’t taken the extra steps to stay secure.

I personally ALWAYS use a VPN service when doing anything private on the internet. My data, just like yours and everyone else’s is very important to me. Not having a VPN is like leaving your front door to your home open. It is just asking for trouble and intruders.
The VPN service I use and highly recommend is, IPVanish.



IPVanish, promise to always bring you the best in VPN services and features.

IPVanish offer the fastest speeds, the highest security and among all that, they make sure the pricing is at the most competitive rate possible for you, the user.

The IPVanish interface is very clean, modern and easy to use. You simply create your account, choose your plan and install the App or Software onto your phone, tablet or computer.

Try it for FREE for 7 Days! – No strings attached.


The great thing about IPVanish, is that it’s service is supported on so many devices unlike some VPN providers which may only work on one or two.

Once you have started with IPVanish, you are able to use your account across all your devices. They allow you to have 5 active VPN connections at once, which should be more than enough. If you need more, you can use a router to connect to the VPN service that will then allow you to have unlimited connections.

As I stated above, IPVanish offer some of the best valued plans when it comes to paid VPN services.

Below, you can see the available plans, starting from just $6.49/month, saving 46% off the standard price.

I have used many VPN services, free and paid. So far IPVanish is the only one to truly hide my IP and allow me to access anything that I put in front of it, it comes with a built in DNS leak feature too. Which would normally cost you extra in some cases.

You really do get a lot for your money, as well as features, you also get 24/7 support from IPVanish.

Simply head over to their ‘Help’ page and if you can’t find the answer in the search bar, then submit a request via their contact form under ‘Contact Us’.

The software is a delight to use, it is really simple to use so don’t be put off by any complicated jargon about using a Virtual Private Network, IPVanish have really made it a hassle free option for even the most novice of online users.

Check out some of screenshots below or the actual interface via a desktop:-

You can select which server you wish to connect to very easily, from a map view or a list view.

Setting up your preferences couldn’t be easier, you can choose for IPVanish to connect on start up and also whether you wish to connect to the last used server or the fastest possible option.
I personally have IPVanish start on start-up and keep it hidden, that way it is running in the background and I am always secure.

A great feature within IPVanish, is that you can set it to change your IP address in intervals of your choice, this way it makes it even harder for people to track things like your IP, keeping you and your data ULTRA secure!

When it comes to online safety, if you don’t have the preventive measures in place first, if you are targeted, it will be too late to do anything after.

Remember what I said about living in a house with the door open?

Preventive measures in that scenario is to have locks on the door or CCTV. Using a VPN service is just the same for all your personal data online.
You wouldn’t hand someone your credit card in the street, so why do it online?

Don’t leave the opportunity for hackers to ruin your hard earned work, stay protected using a VPN.

If you have any questions about using a VPN or in particular, IPVanish, then please just get in touch via the comments below or reach out to me via my social platforms. I am always happy to help.

Stay safe online!

Your Friend & Online Mentor,


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