When it comes to building or managing a business online, to really work your way to success you need the right tools for the job. Whether it be building a website or an email list, using tools that have been proven to be most effective not only saves you time, but could save you money.

Below, I have my #1 recommended tools and resources that I have personally used to create my brand online. As well as my most recommended, I have also included alternatives to allow you as an individual to compare what suits your needs best.

If you have any questions about any of the tools below, or if you need help in using them, please feel free to reach out to me via the contact form on the homepage or via my social channels.


All-in-one Marketing Platform

Are you looking for a something to completely revolutionise the way you market your business online?
Insta-Suite is an ‘All-in-one’ platform that allows you to build Funnels, Membership Sites, Blogs, Create an email list, Affiliate Programs, Support Desk and MORE!
It blows all the other competition out the water when it comes down to features offered. Insta-Suite does all this AND it comes at a fraction of the cost of it’s rival platforms.
It is a MUST SEE, Check it out HERE!


Website Builder & Hosting

My #1 Recommendation – SiteRubix (FREE) 

The need for a simple website builder is more than welcomed in the online world, especially when first starting out as an entrepreneur. It can be overwhelming with so many options to choose from with some offering more than you bargain for and becoming far too complex to quickly. SiteRubix’ website builder makes it easier than you can imagine and offers the simplicity one needs without compromising features or usability.
SiteRubix includes step by step training to allow you to get started quickly and efficiently. You can make a stunning site in a matter of seconds… YES, Seconds!
Build your site now for free below:-

Siteground (Hosting Plans for Under $4/Month)

Siteground is rated one of the top hosting platforms available, with affordable plans starting at $3.95/month. Using the latest technologies and security systems, means that your site really is in one of the most reliable hands.
On top of those qualities, Siteground has a very friendly and efficient customer service team behind the scenes, ready to help you when you really need it.
Check out the plans HERE!



Keyword Research 

My #1 Recommendation – Jaaxy

The capability to use basic keyword research methods to locate good keywords is just a critical facet of any prosperous internet marketing campaign. The strong side of the keyword research method is that every one of the suggestions are derived from real-life searches performed on Google. Jaaxy offer one of the best Keyword Research tools and I fully recommend using it for anyone needing to create quality content on their site or blog.  Check it out HERE!


Email Marketing 

My #1 Recommendation- Aweber 

Email marketing is what can really supercharge your business or online offer, it allows you to sell on complete auto pilot so you are making sales without even selling and keeping in touch with your leads without even privately messaging them. Aweber allows you to create stylish and easy email lists, broadcasts, sign-up forms and lots more.
This really is a no brainer when it comes to a successful business online, it is was all the serious marketers and businesses use so they can crush their industry and come out on top when it comes to interacting with customers.
Start your FREE trial today HERE!


Alternative Choice – Mail Chimp

Mail Chimp

Although I use and recommend Aweber, Mail Chimp comes in a close 2nd in my rankings for Auto Responding capability. It has great deliverability rate such as Aweber does and is very user friendly with a great support team. You can even get rewards that brings down the cost of your plan, but you cannot withdraw affiliate earnings like you can with Aweber.
Email marketing really is important, so if you think Mail Chimp is for you,
Check it out HERE!


Branding & Design

My #1 Recommendation – Fiverr

With the need toTools brand yourself online for the best results, whether it be a logo, banner or some sort of graphic design, Fiverr offers individual professionals offering their service just for you and promise amazing results within super quick time (depending on complexity of design). Fiverr is highly recommended not only for the quality of service but also for the value offered along with it, as you can get a complete logo ready to use from as low as $5!
Get started on your logo NOW!


Top FREE Choice –

CanvaCanva is something I use nearly everyday, it allows you to create easy but effective advertising and branding material that costs you nothing.
They do offer a paid version, I use this because it allows you to store your brand colors which is very handy when you are making branded graphics regularly.
It is ideal for making thumbnails for YouTube or cover photos for Facebook + Much more… Check it out HERE!



Social Engagement & Scheduling

Super Share Your Posts! –


Buffer allows you to link your social networking sites all in one place so all you need to do is type the post once and by a click of a button, it gets distributed out to all selected accounts. The other very handy tool is being able to schedule your posts. So not only can you explode your content, you can plan it too!
Buffer is also FREE, but they do offer a paid plan if you have a lot of accounts you need to link or access to other features. Check it out HERE!


If This Then That –

IFTTT‘If This Then That’ is a very valuable tool for social engagement, a bit like buffer it explodes your content. But this works by you using, what they call ‘Applets’. Basically you set triggers, so you select your IF THIS (Say, Facebook), THEN THAT (Twitter). So this applet, would send your Facebook post to Twitter automatically if that is what you had chosen. It is incredible the amount of ‘Applets’ available now and you will really find it very useful indeed if you plan it right. Check it out HERE!



Video Marketing

My #1 Choice for Simple Screen Recording – Screencast-O-Matic

When it comes to making the best screen recordings, you really cannot go wrong with Screencast-O-Matic. It is very easy to use and has endless amounts of features, even the free version has all you need as a beginner. But if you are wanting longer recording time and extra features, their very affordable PRO version is easily accessible to upgrade to in your online account.
If you use the link below, I have given you 20% OFF when decide to go PRO!
Start video marketing like a BOSS!


Content Reading 

Inoreader – The Content Reader for Power Users Who Want to Save Time

If you are looking for a one stop shop for the latest content in your specific niche or interest, then look no further!
Inoreader is a content MACHINE, it allows you to subscribe to your favourite RSS feeds and also makes finding new feeds to follow and enjoy, effortless.
When you want to catch up with the latest news, or find an interesting post to curate into your own, Inoreader has you covered.
Plus, it’s FREE! (Also has paid option) Check it out HERE!


Google Alerts – Monitor The Web for Interesting New Content 

If you struggle to remember to check the news or research content within your niche, then Google Alerts is a very valuable tool to use.
You set what niche you are interested in, followed by what time and frequency you wish the alerts to notify you.
You then receive relevant and up to date content within your industry that you can use to gather ideas for your own content. Check it out HERE!