How To Schedule Your Social Media Posts Easily

How To Schedule Your Social Media Posts Easily

Do you struggle to fit in enough daily social engagement, or maybe you wish you were more consistent?

I was in the same position and wondered how I was going to get around it, but now I will share with you how I did…

‘Consistency is KEY!’

Consistency really is the key ingredient to standing out online, if your impressions can have it in the back of their mind when they need to tune in to get value, then you are more likely to keep those people interested.

Sometimes, consistency can be difficult to manage. Whether you have an appointment or a last minute errand, lifestyle events do and will get in the way, FACT!


Now let’s break this down and make it easy for us all,

The tool we are going to use is Buffer.

Buffer, allows you to connect your social accounts, write posts and send them out automatically to all platforms. Pretty impressive, huh?

Buffer has different levels of available accounts, the one I recommend if just starting out is the ‘Individual’ or ‘Awesome’ option. These are meant for individuals and are very affordable,

As you can see, the other accounts are more for those in a team or agency. If you are part of a team or agency and not using this, it would certainly be worth bringing it up in the next meeting, it could save you stacks of time per week to allow you to focus on other areas.

Once you have chosen which account you wish to open, it is time to get started.

It really is simple and if you would rather watch how to get started you can do by clicking, HERE!
Using an email and password, or other social account, you can setup your Buffer login.

This should then successfully take you to your account page that looks like:-

Don’t worry, yours won’t have any accounts added just yet, so, using the ‘PLUS’ button just to the right of the word ‘ACCOUNTS’ (Top left), you can now choose which social platforms you wish to connect.

Depending on your chosen account level this could range from just 1 of each platform, 10 total, or all the way to 150 if you have the ‘Large’ account.

After you have linked your social accounts, you should see them on the left hand side.

You can now tick which one you wish to create a scheduled post for…

You can see in the picture above that I have clicked ‘FACEBOOK’ but then selected Twitter and Instagram to share to as well.

Remember, with Twitter, you have a limitation on amount of characters you can use.

So, once your post is written, you can now click the blue button that says ‘ADD TO QUEUE’ or you can click the ‘ARROW’ next to it to choose a different option like, ‘Share Now’.

Once you have your posts written, you need them scheduled to the optimal timing for your account followers.

If you select the ‘SCHEDULE’ tab near the top of the page, here you can choose what schedule is best for whatever account you have selected.

To find the optimal time to post, you can use their ‘Optimal Timing Tool’ found at the bottom of the schedule page.  It looks like this:-

Now, you have written the post, found the optimal time and scheduled it.

You can think about doing this for your other accounts.

Instagram does not allow you to post automatically, but you can still schedule your content. Whatever time you schedule it for, it will send you a notification on your mobile device.

You then just paste your caption that will already be copied to your clipboard.

You now know the basics around using Buffer.

I recommend you do some tests, get used to the platform and you will soon get the hang of it.

One other thing I recommend you do is pick a day of the week to sit down and schedule your content, I personally do this on a Sunday. It takes a short amount of time and saves you time during the rest of the week.

Although your posts are automated, you MUST still engage with your impressions. Do not just forget about your engagement. Stay active and respectful.

If you need assistance, you can always refer back to the video tutorial, comment below this post or reach out to me via any of my social accounts found at the bottom of the homepage.

I hope you find this tool useful and get great use out of it.

Your Friend & Online Mentor,



  1. Patrick left a comment on March 21, 2017 at 12:13 am

    I have not heard of Buffer prior to reading your post. I like the ease of use. I own a retail store and struggle to use social media on a regular basis. After I post a special, I rarely get customers coming in to follow up on it. The key is consistency! Your content is great, but may I suggest using the word “impressions”. You are totally correct, viewers and followers need my info in the back of their mind. In radio, they call these impressions. That’s why radio is so effective even though it’s so “not vogue” marketing. We want people to have these impressions. Just a thought. Are the fees monthly or annually? Thanks for your post.

    • Bryan Larkin left a comment on March 21, 2017 at 8:40 am

      Hey Patrick,

      Thanks so much for taking your time to enjoy and review my post, It is great to here that Buffer is new to you. Is it something you will look into implementing in your business?

      The membership for the Awesome and other accounts minus the Free one are monthly fees. I would recommend certainly using the free account and see then if you need to upgrade.

      Thanks so much for your great feedback, I will certainly amend it to ‘impressions’, late last night my mental dictionary obviously was not fully awake, you are awesome! Thanks!

      Have the best day today and let me know how you get on with Buffer please.

      All the best,


  2. Chris Dowle left a comment on March 21, 2017 at 10:04 am

    Buffer looks like an awesome tool. I’m going to download this now! I struggle a bit with the social media side purely due to time.

    Gaining followers is another aspect I’m trying my best to achieve.

    This tool is going to help massively. Cheers Bryan!

    • Bryan Larkin left a comment on March 22, 2017 at 6:17 pm

      Hey Chris,

      Thanks for checking out this post, glad you got value from it!

      Buffer is certainly something to think about implementing. You don’t have to download anything just setup a free account.

      If you ever need help or ideas on how to schedule your content just give me a shout. Here to help.


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