How To Post Pictures On Instagram From A Desktop

How To Post Pictures On Instagram From A Desktop


If you are anything like me (or like many other people facing the same issue), you have probably been frustrated at some point that you could only VIEW your Instagram account via a desktop PC or laptop using the official site?

For ages people have paid for expensive services that integrate the ability to post and schedule Instagram posts from a desktop…

That is no longer the case!

I introduce to you…


Grum, with it’s bold, clean and simple to use interface, allows you to link your Instagram account, add and schedule media posts to your preferred date and time, as well as share your content to multiple accounts without the need to switch between them!

Before you say it, I KNOW!, It is crazy. (But a good kind of crazy)

Grum is not free, however, they do offer a 3-day free trial (No credit card needed).

I highly recommend making the most of the 3 days just to check it out and if you aren’t impressed with the ease of boosting your Instagram accessibility and usability then, just walk away not a penny lighter.

So the normal pricing, after the trial period if you decide to continue is surprisingly affordable and starts at just $9.95/Month, that allows you to connect 2 accounts, making it a viable option to boost productivity for even the least serious ‘Instagrammers’.

As you can see above, the increments of cost per account if you need more than 3, are still VERY low.

Grum, really is proving to be a ‘Golden Ticket’ so let’s have a look inside the dashboard…

As you can see, it has a really minimalist feel, which makes it easy to navigate and it means that when you do come to use it, unlike other software and platforms it doesn’t leave you stressed or annoyed from too much navigating.

So,  once you are in, I recommend you set your time zone straight away as this is important for your scheduling of posts.

You can do this by clicking the drop down menu in the top right-hand side…

Select your correct time zone and click ‘Save’…

Now, you are ready to post a picture on Instagram from your desktop!

Navigate to your dashboard and click the big ‘+’ sign to add media or drop a picture or video…

Once you click the ‘+’ sign, you will then have an overlay appear where you can now enter your caption and hashtags.

TOP TIP: When using hashtags, use all 30 available, but make sure they are relevant to your niche.

If you need to know more about finding the right hashtags be sure to check out this post HERE!

So go ahead and create your post, it will look something like this below…

Now you need to choose whether you wish to post straight away, or schedule your post. This is done my selection via each of the buttons.

It really is that simple!

So during my time using Grum, I have found it a delight to use, especially compared to some Instagram scheduling platforms that over complicate tasks.

That is about all you need to know about using Grum to post on your Instagram using a desktop. It is such an easy interface to use, that you will realise that you really only ever need 3 or 4 button clicks and the job is done!

I will leave you with Grum’s tagline – ‘Join happy customers using Grum worldwide’

I hope you find it beneficial and I hope it makes your social media marketing a little bit more simpler. If you have any questions about Grum or you wish to discuss something prior to using it, then comment below or contact me via my social media platforms! 🙂

I am always here to help!

Your Friend & Online Mentor,


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